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My vision for Snap Line Studio first emerged in the late 1990s while living in the South Beach area of San Francisco. I was inspired by the explosion of growth, opportunity, and development surrounding me. Seeing so much movement and progress, I understood that graphic design was not dissimilar to construction, both requiring acute and calculated precision—a result often achieved with a snap line.


Clients need their projects to advance the brand, execute the strategy, and achieve the bottom-line goals—all with precision. They also need an experience that is enjoyable and successful. So my mission is to use my many years of experience, combined with my enthusiam for helping you realize your marketing and communication goals, and form the ideal partnership for all of your company's graphic design needs. It is through collaboration that I deliver my best work and, therefore, encourage feedback as it is always incorporated into my work.


I look forward to hearing from you.

“Stan is a dream come true—a serious creative who’s fastidious, fast, and fun. He’s my go-to designer when marketing projects need to look fantastic.”


Pookie Foster

Strategic Writer

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Stan Mims


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